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Your Winter Wonderland Wedding

If Snow White were to choose a theme for her wedding, it would surely be winter wonderland. What could be more romantic than a world blanketed by snow that glimmers with silver light? It is as though everything stood still, burrowing one world and revealing another, more mystical one. The sense of awe invoked by silhouettes of barren trees and dangling icicles – not unlike an ice kingdom – can induce white-hot glee in any ice queen.

The Setting

As the underlying mood of winter is sheer fantasy, a winter wonderland-themed wedding asks for a certain dramatic flair in its décor and ambiance. The lighting should be low, adding gentle warmth as if offering a beacon in the cold night. An open fireplace never hurts, especially if couches with snowy pillows are available for guests when the dancing stops.

Draping the hall in tulle and organza can set the tone, opening the way for tree-lined corridors featuring potted barren trees (or inventive topiary) that may be silver-sprayed or white-washed. Crystal candelabras, ice sculptures, branches in urns, silver platters and bells, and white-gloved waitstaff will all infuse a dreamy flair to the event. And, of course, winter wonderland invites doses of snowflake-reminiscent objects – from petals on the floor to party favors.

In addition, the pristine milkiness of winter wonderland delights when dotted with classic, rich jewel tones. The traditional white and silver, and white and blue may be interspersed with ruby, sapphire, or emerald – all of which are richly saturated and hence, stand out all the more against the white glaze.

The Flowers

When it comes to selecting flowers, at first think of white versions of orchids, hydrangeas, garlands, carnations, hellebore, Glory of the Snow, Star of Bethlehem, babies breath for a whimsical touch, and even an everlasting bouquet made entirely of crystal. Moreover, a bouquet of astilbes has a texture comparable to cashmere – a perfect fit for your winter-themed extravaganza. With a pinch of color to enhance the effect, your winter magic pops!

Your Special Winter Wonderland

While there are certain elements that are common to winter wonderland-themed weddings, make sure to contact an expert wedding planner to create a truly unique version of your theme. 1000 Fine Events has the magic wand to enliven your white wedding!

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